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6 Ways to Tell if It’s Time to Replace Shocks and Struts

Bumpy Rides
Because the primary goal of struts and shocks is to prevent the amount of suspension movement, the most telling sign that you need to have them checked is if you are experiencing a bumpy ride.

Steering Problems
One of the first signs people notice when their car needs new shocks or struts is poor steering response. The steering wheel will often become stiff and hard to turn, and their may be unusual noises when turning wheel.

Braking Issues
When struts are worn or damaged, the vehicle will often compensate in other ways. You may notice a “nose-diving” sensation as well as instability while braking.

Visually Damaged Struts
While often strut damage is better felt than seen, you might notice visibly dented or damaged struts or shocks. In addition to this physical damage, fluid leaks among struts and shocks are common when a car needs replacements.

If your tires show unusual wear patterns it may be time to replace your shocks and struts. Suspension damage can cause cupping in tires, which is when cups or scalloped dips develop around the edge of the tread

Depending on vehicle and driving conditions, many cars require shock and strut replacements sometime after the fifty thousand mile marker. Instead of waiting to notice problems, you might consider having your suspension checked once you reach the fifty thousand mile mark, or every fifty thousand miles on most vehicles.

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