Do You Have a Scraping or Grinding Noise Coming From Your Brakes?

If you're hearing squealing, grinding or scraping sounds when you apply your brakes, here's some of the most common things you should check or watch for:

  • Does your brake pedal feel soft or spongy when you apply the brakes?
  • Does your vehicle pull to one side when you brake?
  • Is the brake fluid level in the master cylinder low?
  • Does your brake system Warning Light stay illuminated?

These are just some of the signs that you should have your brakes checked. Do that now and keep you and your family safe! Book online at Tanela Auto & Truck Repair or call

Your Car's Brake Fluid - Part of Maintenance and Service:

Your car's brakes rely on brake fluid. That's hydraulic fluid that's used every time you apply your brakes. That fluid transfers force under pressure - through hydraulic lines - to the braking mechanism near the wheels.

Because braking applications produce a lot of heat, brake fluid must be able to work under extreme conditions and have a high boiling point to remain effective. Additionally, brake fluid must never freeze.

Brake fluid is also designed to protect against corrosion of the system materials it contacts, however those corrosion inhibitors in your car's brake fluid will deplete over time.

Excessive moisture is also an issue and may seriously affect braking efficiency and safety.
When it comes to brakes on your car - don't guess! Get your car's brakes checked today at Tanela Auto & Truck Repair. Book online - call 847-278-91747!

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